HiNEWS and University of Alicante Joint Project Meeting

Los investigadores Daniel La Parra Casado (IEI) y Diana Gil González participan en la reunión de coordinación del grupo HiNEWS (Health Inequalities in European Welfare States), que tendra lugar en el aula multiusos del IEI los días 14 y 15 de febrero.

Tuesday, 14 February to Wednesday, 15 February, Alicante

Meeting Program

Tuesday, 14 February

Hora Evento
3PM Presentation slot 1 (all) Chair: Clare Bambra
3-330pm Carmen Vives-Cases: Monitoring the social determinants of intimate partner violence
330-4pm Gemma Martos Community- based programmes with people affected by leprosy: a scoping review
4-430pm Diana Gil Developing Strategy to Advance Sustainable Development Goals informed by Quality Improvement Science Study
430PM Coffee break
5PM Presentation slot 2 (all) Chair: Terje Eikemo
5-530pm Daniel La Parra / Erling Solheim Health inequalities in hidden populations in Europe: the Roma case
530-6pm Christoph Hamelmann Update on WHO activities

Wednesday, 15 February

Hora Evento
1130AM Presentation slot 3 (all) Chair: Adam Todd
1130-12PM Tim Huijts 'Unemployment and self-reported NCDs in Europe'
12-1230PM Mirza Balaj - Nordic public health puzzle
1230-1PM Anna Gkiouleka - Neglected Relations of Health Inequality: An Example of Intersectionality Informed Comparative Research
3PM Presentation slot 4 (all) Chair: Diana Gill
3-330PM Clare Bambra - the effects of public health policies on population health and health inequalities
330-4PM Claus Wendt - Healthcare System Typology
4-430PM Adam Todd and Frances Hillier-Brown – The effects of community pharmacy public health interventions on population health and health inequalities
430-5PM Terje Eikemo - CHAIN Centre for Global Health Inequalities Research
5PM Coffee and Roundtable Discussion about future plans and projects (all). Chair: Clare Bambra

Lugar del evento

  • Instituto de Economía Internacional
  • Universidad de Alicante
  • Edificio de Institutos Universitarios,edificio 37
  • Sala multifuncional. Primera Planta.
  • Localización: https://www.sigua.ua.es/index.html?id=0037P1045
  • 03690 San Vicente del Raspeig